¡Hola Hola! Here, in an attempt to bilingual-blog(!), I will document my México experience! I plan on dishing out the deets on my six-week Cuernavaca stay including (but by no means limited to); my immersion into the culture and the language, any random adventures that I may happen upon, weekend travels to D.F. and other breath-taking sights, and, of course, a full report on the delicious cuisine (tacostacos). Kick back and enjoy the adventures as I 'Make Some Big Jumps' and explore our southern-most neighbor!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we're always open down here in México

Today during our short 20-minute lunch break during the day, Maggie Uno and I went with one of our Mexican friends to this delicious restaurant. But it was really just someone's house that they had opened up to sell people the bomb.com food that they make. They make tortillas a mano, by hand, and create the most mouth-watering concoctions. This comida is as simple as quesadillas with cheese and champiñónes, mushrooms, but it is a burst of flavor in the boca. The morning we leave I am seriously considering going there and ordering a good suitcase full of quesadillas to take back with me to the United States. I plan on having extras for the customs agents both in the D.F. airport and in the Phoenix airport where I will be flying to first so that they don't confiscate my goods.

What was the most appealing thing about this place what that is was literally someone's home that they had opened up so the outside world can discover the deliciousness of their cooking. Everything is open, out in the streets, asking for company and waiting for the human spirit to invigorate life into the air. Things are open, people are open, life is so much more joyful with a constant human presence, even if it's just a passing smile and greeting of two strangers who both have the same open mind and open heart. I love my weather seasons in the states, but I am coming to realize how much more I love the constant presence of another human spirit.


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